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37 Queens Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1JN

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Yukarı Bahçelievler Mah. 66. Sok. No.31 D.6
Çankaya / Ankara

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[email protected]

We help

Foreign Government Institutions

Enhance knowledge through arranging study visits & training programs at reputed Institutions and Universities in UK & Turkey

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We Create Value

& Build Confidence

We help brands and businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world.

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About Zora Consultancy

We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing a positive agenda across complex terrain. With an innovative, future-focused strategy , we are strategically connecting people, building partnerships and delivering solutions that empower public projects, government institutions, small and medium businesses to grow and thrive from within, we clear space for avenues of growth.

We bring more than 6 years experience forging collaborations across government, private sector and international forums in Southeast Asia. Whatever the scenario, we tap into deep networks and innate understanding of each party’s priorities and drivers — the unspoken context to every conversation.

What We Do

Welcome To Our Consulting Agency

We help brands, businesses and government institutions gain a competitive advantage in the connected world

- Deliver better solutions for your organization's growth while investing in your employers as well.
- We design and organize Training / Study Visit Programmes for various Government Institutions and Private Companies in various fields of Engineering, Environment, Health, Information Technology, Public Administration, Project Management, Financial Management, etc. at reputed Educational & Training Institutes and Universities in UK & Turkey.
- We deliver better solutions for reporting : a small business consultant will help a company collect and understand the analytics or reports so they can make smart business decisions based on data.
- Deliver a strategic plan for foreign trade export and import.
- We design Public Good Programme for better responsible businesses in their contribution to Environment and Sustainable Development Goals. You can turn your business into a green one.

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Explore Our Solutions / Services - Public Projects, Government Institutions, Small and Medium Business Consulting Service

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Esra Zora is the director of Zora International Limited. She has played leading roles in strategic and business planning processes for many organisations. She has worked in the development sector for more than 6 years, creating a network across Southeast Asia. She developed programmes for connecting business and delivering better solutions in a competitive market.

As an advocate for human rights and environmental rights, she supported many small NGOs by designing better shareholder mapping, visualizations and monitoring and evaluation. She has completed transformational work across several industries like education, health and infrastructure.